The fastest way to make any room fresh and inviting is to use room spray. With just a few spritz, these long-lasting fragrances will travel around your room and begin to work quickly.

Our botanically inspired scents will fill the air with our luxury fragrances to ensure your home smells fresh and clean. Some of our fragrances are made with pure essential oils that will be marked with EO in the scents list.

50ml Room Spray presented in an amber colored glass bottle with black spray pump and black over cap. Room sprays are hand blended, made to order and labeled by me with love. Comes in plastic free packaging.

PERFECT FOR USE – at home, in the car, changing rooms or workspace.


Spray towards the center of the room away from your eyes, face and at least 50cm from furniture. Do not ingest.
Flammable liquid. Keep away from flammable objects, pets and children.
Do not spray directly onto wooden floor, tiles, leather or polished, painted furniture.
People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.
Patch test on discreet section before use on fabric.

Enjoy <3

Room Spray

  • Thick Glass Jar with Black Spray Pump and Over Cap|
    High Quality Fragrance & Essential Oils |
    Alcohol Base with 25 % Fragrance Oil |
    50ml |
    Branded Tubed Gift Box |
    Vegan |
    Product Packaging: Cardboard tube box & tissue paper.